Filk and Music

A collection of aimless lyrics, both original and fannish.


08-25-2022AgainA Vrisrezi song. IDK. Don't look at me.
08-25-2022I'm Sorry You're HereAngsty Hollow Knight filk about tragedy of perpetuation.
06-15-2022The Lair of OSHA ViolationsSupervillains are not known for their adherence to workplace safety laws.
03-23-2022Just For A WhileHollow Knight re-filk of Talis Kimberly's 'Still Catch The Tide'.
03-17-2022HumanOr, "come closer, I am a normal human", the song.
03-13-2022PuppeteerDeltarune's puppet motifs and the Weird Route left their mark, let's say.
06-12-2019Sunlit FuryOr, "Angels Hath No Fury". A Kanaya song. Sort of a sequel/successor to an older song from 2016.
??-??-2016The Midnight MeteorAnother old Homestuck song, way back from FFN. Written while reading A6I1.
??-??-2016The Old ClocksBecause 'Make Her Pay' kept dragging me back into songwriting.