Or: watch an idiot make fake languages, free of charge

I may not really know what a "clause" is or how to derive from roots, I don't understand how glosses work, and I definitely can't read fluent IPA, but I'm here to write words, make stuff up, and have a good time, and you can't stop me!!

All conlangs put here belong to EGGRAMEN and the person behind it, unless otherwise stated. Inspiration is understandable, but using any of these as a template is ill-advised, and direct copying without credit or permission is just plagiarism.

EDIT 6/8/2019: i really had a typo in the title this whole time, huh.

Font Warning

Most of my conlangs use custom font to display their alphabets, so if you don't allow webfonts, you will probably see some duplicated text in various places. Turn web fonts on for the best experience! (Or don't, I guess. I'm not the boss of you.)

Naūkeman naūkeman

samyūn sa naūkeman tūin angha na!

My first conlang on this site, and probably also the most fleshed out. Has an alphabet and a decent amount of grammar.

May or may not end up used for one of my personal worldbuilding SF/F settings, Triluna.

Sateca'an satecaan

ca ke kíwedna, kawen uín konis díipa.

Meant for a fantasy setting. Shares part of its writing system with Naūkeman.

Ewa Sio

hoi metheo?

A mostly isolating language with almost entirely "soft sounding" consonants. Meant to sound vaguely musical. Has an ajbad-like writing system.

Alternian Alternianyayan


A fan-conlang for Andrew Hussie's Homestuck. Uses Hiveswap's writing system, but phonetics are based off of no material later than Hiveswap Act 1. (Might undergo revisions in the future to account for a newer canonical b/p distinction.)

Also has a font testing page for the two handwritten Alternian alphabet fonts I made.