Interactive Fiction

A place for fun and games, and for stories of various forms. Currently a little bare-bones, but I have hope of improvement.

All games posted here belong to EGGRAMEN and the person behind it, unless otherwise stated -- please do not rehost my stuff without my explicit permission. Inspiration is great and all, but direct copying without permission or credit is just plagiarism.

Choice-Based: HTML CYOA

Choose Your Own Adventure games I put together myself using standard CSS and HTML. Very simple, and does not require Javascript. I'm not sure how far back compatibility goes, but I assume any modern browser that can handle CSS should manage just fine.

The Tunnel and the Tomb

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A simple demo game used on the test page, about an Indiana-Jones-esque treasure-seeker and a single deadly room, featuring two endings and a variety of game overs. Published April 2022.

Choice-Based: Twine

An open-source Javascript-based engine. My games generally use the Harlowe version. The official Twine website can be found here.


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Published July 2019. A short work about a character exploring a cave. This is not a game with happy endings.

(Warnings for body horror and general creepiness. Also, amateur writing and bad, uncooperative formatting. Proceed at your own risk.)

Parser-Based: Inform 7

Inform 7 is a parser-based IF engine, which produces story files in several possible formats. Games published for this section will mostly likely be made available through an online interpreter such as Parchment, as well as a Z-machine or Gblorb file for offline play.

I haven't got any I7 games here yet -- they will probably be externally linked, unless I move to a proper webhost or pony up for a supporter plan to host the files myself.