EGGRAMEN - Sitemap


Because my organization is terrible, and this was long overdue. Ironically, this won't be going in the actual sidebar, because I am too lazy to manually update every single page right now with the new/correct links. Maybe another time.

Important Pages

The basics.

HomepageSite home.

ChangelogUpdates, changes, and history of the site.

LinksA bunch of other sites I think are neat. Also has my button!

About The WebmasterExactly what it says on the tin.

About The SiteExactly what it says on the tin.

CreditsSources/credits for images, fonts, borrowed code, resources, etc.

SitemapYou Are Here!

Fun Content

ConlangsMy shitty constructed languages. Includes a Homestuck fan-conlang.

CSS Test PagesA directory of test pages for homemade CSS stylesheets (free to use, with credit!)

Jade PagesA mini-fansite dedicated to Jade Harley from Homestuck.

GamesCollection of interactive fiction games I made. Currently pretty empty.

Pixel ButtonsSome homemade mini pixel buttons.

Filk SongbookFansongs and some other miscellanous lyrics.

A Really Bad CSS Test Page I Don't List In The Normal Directory???

Recursive SubsiteI was bored.


Version HistoryAn archive of pages from older versions of the site.