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Homestuck has a lot of swearing, innuendo, and other mature content in it! (VIZ Media, at last check, rates it either "Adult" or "Older Teen".)

If you don't want to see art that might contain mature content, now's the time to go back. (Why are you here, anyway?)


All images in this section can be found at

Most of these were originally gifs, but many were turned into PNG files because they were too flashy for sidebars, only had a few frames that looked nice, took up more space than desired, or in one case were actually a screencap of several images. Click for full size! :)

Track And Album Art

All images in this section were sourced from the amazing Homestuck Music Wiki, and could previously be found on track pages on Homestuck's Bandcamp

Click for full size! (Some images are a bit small, though.)


All images in the section come from the fanwork known as Homestuck^2.

I have my gripes about it, but it does have some good Jades. Click for full size!


Other Resources


Edits of panels/images from

Click for full size! :)

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