Homestuck's bandcamp mucked up and rearranged (and hid) a bunch of tracks a while back, and I don't think anything is missing, but...

Official Soundtrack

Volumes 1-4

Classic early Homestuck tunes. The original Jade leitmotifs!

Volume 5

Not... technically sure if Greenhouse is explicitly a Jade theme? But it obviously is. And I have feelings about that.

Volume 6


Some very pretty piano pieces. I've never actually listened to these, but they seem very peaceful?


Aww yeah twangy strings AND guitar. She is Shredding.

Volume 7

[S] Cascade. You know the scene.

Volume 8

Volume 9

Okay so A Taste For Adventure is technically more of a Jake song, but it's got Dissension in it! I think she could have a good time with that one!

coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B

(Yes I know the cover art is wrong. Remember what I said about the bandcamp getting mucked up?)

Volume 10



A nice melancholy song for Jade. The artist has songs for the other beta kids, too.


Flare 「lyricover redux」
Not strictly a Jade song, but plausibly, and she's on the track art. It's a Jade song in my heart. :)