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Jade wearing her Iron Lass suit.

Name: Jade Harley

Titles and Other Aliases: GG, gardenGnostic, She who would thaw solid flesh and resolve it into a dew, the Witch of Space, Farmstink Buttlass

Date of "Birth": December 1st 1995

Land: Land of Frost and Frogs (LOFAF)

Dream Moon: Prospit

Status: Dogtier, alive and well on Earth C (Canon, March 2019), in the kitchen of a currently unnamed spaceship, after fist-fighting Dead!Calliope and threatening to off herself with an alchemized peanut butter cup. (Noncanon, April 2020)

Hello and welcome to the Jade Pages!

The plan is to make a little Jade Harley character-shrine/fanpage here, like ones that used to be popular with older fandoms, but there's not much here, yet. :)

Basically I just love Jade a lot and think she's really cool. <3

Warning: this entire section of the site is under construction! This page have been revamped again with the newest Jade CSS, so some of the other pages may look different. The older CSS is also not mobile-friendly, so mobile users should watch their step and expect some extreme wonkiness. For best results, sometimes turning the phone sideways makes most of the page decent.

Since it's a WIP, most of the content doesn't exist yet, so that's fun. Here's some mostly useless links. There is some content, at least.

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