>Inspect ramen.

Ramen? What ramen? You are quite certain there never has been, and never will be, any RAMEN here. The very notion strikes you as downright absurd.

Hello, and welcome (back!) to EGGRAMEN, the personal site of an arbitrary nerd on the internet. Expect fandom, nonsense, amateur CSS/HTML projects, and lots of creative stuff.

Most content can be found linked in the sidebar, but not all. The top link in each section will take you to that category's index, which sometimes includes stuff not in the main links. Explore, keep an eye out for secrets, and have fun!

Latest Updates

March 8, 2023

  • More conlang updates, including:
    • Naukeman's writing system has been updated with a slightly different alphabet and Historical SpellingTM. Sateca'an's alphabet has also been changed, and some notes about the setting and language lineages have been added. Talnabyaksha (and Sacishaan) will be around... eventually.
    • The big Alternian update! Featuring huge overhauls of phonology (hello weird trill nonsense), verb conjugation, case, and other wacky stuff.

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