Sunlit Fury

A Kanaya song, I guess.

I tried
I swear I did, I did
Intervention, prevention
You paid no attention
That's why I did
What I did, what I did
Was my meddling and stepping in
So worthless in the face of sin
That it's come to this?

And now
You've stood to act, to act
Wand in hand, striking and
Making your demands
So I've no
Choice but to act, to act
A choice I'll make, as I awake
You shot me down, it didn't take
My hope, though it's true you didn't miss

So I'm coming for you, gunning for you
Though I haven't got a gun
My blade will serve its purpose
Carve two half-men out of one
Angels have no fury like me,
Creature of the sun
So if you've hope of living
Now's the time to run

You took
Two lives and still, and still
Your arrogance and violence
Rings out and breaks the silence
You don't
Care for the blood you spill
I was a fool, and you so cruel
He taught you not to break the rules
But you forgot so fast

And soon
By strength of will, of will
I'll be your bane, the birth of pain
Your pride and strength remain in vain
And I
Swear that I will, I will
See your fear, shock that a mere
Mid-green could leave you lying here
Realize your prime was time long past

So I'm here behind you, right beside you
Hear your skin come undone
And when I'm finished you'll be
Half a man instead of one
Your angels have no fury like me
Blazing like the sun
And should I find the afterlife
You'll have one more chance to run

Heaven hath no fury like me
Blazing like the sun
I'm hungry now, and I can pray
And hope you do not run