I'm Sorry You're Here

A Hollow Knight song. Originally was just going to be Herrah & Hornet, but sort of expanded to Monomon-to-Quirrel and THK-to-Ghost, too.

Don't lay yourself down for a slumbering crown
This was my choice I made, there's no debt to be paid
When I lack for strength I'll remember you're out there
And know what I'm fighting for

Just know it always was all for you
For the world and the nest, for child and brood
For the woman I prayed you'd someday grow into
Just please don't forget, I did all this for you

There is more to the world than this end and this road
There is more to discover and room left to grow
But in great sacrifices we all pay a price
So I'm sorry, I'm sorry you're here

Just know that this burden is not all you're worth and
If things could be different I'd test every limit
But the truth is the light can't be trusted in any form
No matter what mask it wears

Just know this isn't all there is for you
Someone's face and a past and a trail of clues
A whisper that calls to move on and push through
You're not trapped on these shores, don't let me drown you too


Don't step into the light, please, this isn't your fight
I've been aching for years but I've swallowed my tears
Promise not to look back, I will not see another fall
Though I may be fallen too

Just know that this isn't the one path for you
Though I'm fading I swear that I won't let her through
There is more to the world than what we're made to do
Even if, in my weakness, I cry out for you


I’m so sorry, so sorry you’re here...