Deltarune's puppet motifs and the Weird Route left their mark, let's say.

Puppeteer, oh puppeteer,
Guide my hand in virtue
Puppeteer, oh puppeteer
I've no strength of my own
Grant me a soul
So that I might be whole
Oh, puppeteer, don't leave me here alone

Lay out a path for me; I'll follow it blindly
If faith's the question, then my answer is yes
Fill me with courage, and tell me what the worth is
I already know, but won't you tell me again?

Puppeteer, oh puppeteer,
Lay me out my choices
Puppeteer, oh puppeteer
This voice is not my own
Bury your soul
In my heart's gaping hole
Oh, puppeteer, please, when can I go home?

At your word I'll proceed, no matter the deed
If it's a question, then I'm passing the test
Offer me power, 'cause we both know that it's now or
Never, even if it aches to do it again

Puppeteer, oh puppeteer,
What did you want for me?
Puppeteer, oh puppeteer
How was this meant to end?
Deep in my soul
I know I'll never be whole
Oh, puppeteer, you never were my friend

But you'll come down with me
In heartstring melody
I'll ask the questions then,
And you'll take the test
Yes, I'll bring you down to me
Heartstrings twitching from my sleeves
Too slack to puppet
Anything ever again

Puppeteer, oh puppeteer,
Why wish to be wicked?
Puppeteer, oh puppeteer
We're dreaming hand in hand
A gauntlet caught in strings
A hand curled 'round a bleeding ring
And, oh puppeteer, I finally understand

Puppeteer, oh puppeteer,
Can you even hear me?
Puppeteer, oh puppeteer
Up high upon your throne
Through broken glass
Someday I'll find you at last
And then puppeteer, you'll leave us both alone

Through broken glass
Someday I'll find you at last
And then puppeteer, I'll finally be my own