Hey, How're You Doing

Adapted from Anne-Marie Choon's vine. Written mostly in a burst of creativity between midnight and 1 AM. That's right, I legitimately wrote this instead of sleeping.

Hey, how're you doing?
Well I'm doing just fine
I lied, I'm dying inside
Hey, wanna hang out?
I heard the city's real nice
At this time of the twilight

Try to hide
When every moment like this reminds
Me that the time'll never be right
I stare down as my knuckles turn white, turn white
On the grocery cart

I, can't see you through
My own bright blush
I'll rush through everything
Why, did it have to be you?
I'm through, you too
Nothing left to do

Or say....
Even when I get in your way...
And I hope against my hope I may...
Hold it back for just another day, another day
Death grip on my heart

Shut up, shut up, shut myself up
Shut down, shut down, I expected
Shut up, shut up, I can't stop talking
Shut in, shut in, shut it all inside
You come around the corner and I catch your eye
Avert my gaze too soon, hope you don't wonder why
Just make it through another day, it's just not meant to be
You step in closer and this is what you see-

I say:
Hey, how're you doing?
Well I'm doing just fine, just fine
(And you don't think I've lied)
But that's okay
I know that this is my luck, my life
My rollercoaster ride

And we'll stay
Two feet apart, we'll make space
I'm praying something will erase
My mistakes in time, in time, in time, in time--

But hey, how're you doing?
I'm doing just fine
I lied, but I'm still alive
And that's okay,
You like the light in my eyes
This smile today again shining bright

Hey, how're you doing?
Well I'm doing just fine.
Someday that won't be a lie
And that's okay
There's still a light in my eyes
This smile is still shining bright