Or, "come closer, I am a normal human", the song. Loosely inspired by an unholy mixture of Lemon Demon, Among Us, and Lobotomy Corporation.

Salutions buddy chum friend pals
My greetings to you all
I'm just here to say I'd love to hang
And mingle, have a ball!

You just seem a bit unsettled
And I'd like to make amends
There is no need to be rattled
All I want is to be friends~

Come on over, come on closer
I swear everything is fine
I have loads of bones and blood and organs
All of which are mine
I'm a real honest human
From my kidneys to my spine
So there's no need for you to worry
Let me take it off your mind

Would you like to see my smile?
Look at all my normal teeth!
Rows of shiny pearly baby whites
And red gums underneath!

Still concerned? Just check my fingers
You'll see there's exactly ten
And I'm sure that that's the right amount
(Or should I count again?)


I know, I have your best friend's eyes
You said that they looked nice
Oh, don't worry, yeah, they're somewhere safe
And packed in lots of ice

And the stitches? Oh, don't mind those
They'll be gone before you blink
Just a messy little leftover, I swear,
Not what you think!


And I promise they're legitimate
I made them all myself
Like a really normal human
I don't need to prove I'm human
Yes, I swear to you I'm human
Please, I love you, please, please, please PLEASE--

(Musical Note: piano smash intensifies through last line, then cuts abruptly.)