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Neocities Sites

Fun and interesting sites I've found on Neocities.

Shoujo Dreams Anime Sacred Realm REVIVAL Angel99
Nostalgia For the 2000's
Lots of animanga-related content and miscellanous goodies. Gives site awards and has a trading card.
MCR fanstuff and an art gallery.
Used to be a blog. Underwent several revisions. Currently back again!
Cute pixel art and aesthetic.
Shishka Voov cyber rot gatosalchicha Districts Openbooks Dannarchy Anilinks Land of Space and Rainbows Rivendell (Imladris) Aegi's Cafe ocean-waves beanbottles haddock 🐟 omoulo Like Home linkyblog ultraviolet (sodium-amytal) LHFM (Literally Hifumi) Temptation Stairway Cyuucat Runaway to the Stars MARS ORGANS Raylin Shire laika's lonely planet the tower Cepheus

Code, Layouts, & Other Web Resources

FOOL LOVERS w3schools TEMPLATERR Repth Sadgrl

Theme Kings: a site offering "Old School Fixed Width" website layouts and code snippets.


General Sites

Language Creation Society ( the big one. Loads of resources, in person events, multiple blogs (including a conlanger blog aggregator), a word generator, and a directory of a bunch of conlang-related communities.

Rivendell's Index of Constructed Languages: exactly what it sounds like. A fellow Neocities user's attempt to collect as many online conlangs as he could find on one page. Includes a few of mine! This was inspired by...

Richard Kennaway's list of conlangs: an older list with 312 internet conlangs. A lot of dead links, though, sadly.

Zompist: a personal site with a bunch of conlangs and associated conculture worldbuilding. Also another word generator, a sound changer tool, and the oft-recommended Language Construction Kit (the link on the Homepage will take you to the full purchasable book version; this one is shorter but online and free.)

VulgarLang: a random conlang generator for fantasy writers and roleplayers. Free and logged-out users can choose some traits (like basic phonetics and a few rules), while paid logged-in users have a fuller range of customization. Generates a small vocabulary and basic grammar with noun classes, plurals, derivation, etc. I've found it uses grammatical gender too often for my liking, and it's a little janky and samey for grammar, but if you want a quick language for a D&D game or whatever, it's a cool tool.

Henry Theiling's (Con)Language Resources: an old site from the 2000's with several handy conlanging tools, documentation of conlang relay rings (basically a game of telephone with conlang translation), a mailing list, and the webmaster's own languages.

Joerg Rhiemeier's Conlang Pages: (subsection of a) personal site of Joerg Rhiemeier, including the webmaster's own conlangs, conlanging meta, and related links.

Justin B Rye's web pages: personal site containing both conlanging content and general SF/F fandom commentary, meta, linguistics, and other nerdery.

Fannish Conlangs

No Words For Snow: a conlang for Alternian (eyyyy hi guys) hosted primarily on Tumblr. Been on hiatus for a while but neat to look at. This is where I got the idea for my Alternian noun classes from! :)

Picono Chipochi Cipi Minichi: Ri: a conlang for the Minish/Picori from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Doesn't have its own website, but is hosted on Ao3 and Tumblr. I'm linking it anyway because I think it's cool.

Hallowspeak: site of a (WIP) Hollow Knight conlang, based on the voicelines from the game itself. No publicly viewable vocab or grammar or anything, but a pronunciation guide and blog updates (including some tantalizing details...), and links to the project discord for more info.

Other (Relatively) Non-Fannish Conlangs official website of the popular minimalist conlang toki pona. Loads of resources, links to translations and usage of the language and toki pona media, and reference materials.

lipu sona pona: a compilation of Toki Pona resources and language lessons.

Interactive Fiction

Brass Lantern: an old website about (text) adventure games! Lots of cool links, articles, and reviews. Last updated 2010, though. :(

Textfire: a collection of several old adventure game/IF-related websites, rehosted on (a Linux-based shared host for several IF-related sites.) Some internal links are broken, but it's still a really neat window into the circa 2000s IF community.

AllThingsJacq: website of another cool IF creator, including reviews and transcripts from community playthroughs of old competition games.

E BLONG: website of Zarf, another well-known IF creator. Has a bunch of cool text adventures and miscellany.

Generic Geek Girl: website of Adri Mills, yet another cool IF creator. The "games" section has a bunch of fun, short IF to play!

Parchment: a JS-based in-browser VM for playing interactive fiction games!

Fansites & Fandom

General & Multifandom

Icy Brain's RPG Page online version of File 770, a long-running scifi fanzine.

Fanfic Symposium: a collection of old rants/essays about fanfiction, from (mostly LJ communities) 1999-2006.

The Fanfiction Webring: a modern Neocities webring for small, personal fanfiction websites!

Golden Sun

The Lost Waters (very old Golden Sun fansite) The Adepts of Weyard midcatwmn (wayback machine archive)

Golden Sun Realm and Golden Sun Syndicate: two neat Golden Sun fansites with lots of good reference material. Golden Sun Realm used to have an eFiction fanfic archive, but that seems to have vanished sometime circa 2018. If it had a forum (I think it did?), that's gone too. At least Syndicate's forums are still archived, if only in read-only mode.

Homestuck and Adjacent

Farrago Fiction Spriteclad MSPFA Homestuck.Net

MSPA Forums Thread Index: a huge index of wayback machine archived threads from the now-defunct official MSPA Forums. Includes multiple fanventures, a fanmade Pesterchum program, and Toby Fox dropping the infamous album The Baby Is You. (Yes, it was hilarious. Yes, he did get banned.)

If an archived thread link doesn't work, try appending a dash and the thread name after the string of numbers in the URL. (E.g., "" ==> "")

Oddity Collector: Hosts two Homestuck fanworks -- Life Is Out of Season, a twine IF, and Mr. Tambourine Man, an ongoing fanventure.

BGReco's HQ Audio Homestuck Flashes: collection of HS flashes, mostly in MP4 format, with higher quality audio. Walkarounds seem to be broken, sadly.

The Legend of Zelda

North Castle

Other Fansites

The Cave of Dragonflies

MOTHER 3 / Earthbound Fan Translation: a cool project offering an unofficial English translation for ROMs of Mother 3 / Earthbound.

Hallowspeak: site of a (WIP) Hollow Knight conlang, based on the voicelines from the game itself. No publicly viewable vocab or grammar or anything, but a pronunciation guide and blog updates (including some tantalizing details...), and links to the project discord for more info. (Also listed in the conlangs section of this page.)

Shrines, Cliques, Networks & Listings

Wings Collective Pirates Board


Vixy And Tony: website of a filk band from Seattle with multiple recorded albums.

Pegasus Awards: official site of the Pegasus Awards, a part of the Ohio Valley Filk Fest.

Some So-Called Music: a collection of filk lyrics by Rich Brown, plus links to various other filk resources.

Kay Shapero's Filk section: song lyrics, plus an FAQ, glossary, and general intro to filk and some of the culture built up around it, and links to a bunch of other early filk-related resources.

Conflikt: a filk con hosted in the PNW.

Maureen O'Brien's Filkbook: contains both a songbook of the webmistress's own filk (plus a couple of MP3s), and a directory of "Damn Near All the Filk on the Web" (circa 2003).

The Virtual Filksing: a treasure trove of MP3s of early filk, hosted by filk record seller Prometheus Music (which also hosts the songbook of famous early filker Leslie Fish.)

Songworm: the website of Bob Kanefsky, another cool filker. Has a huge songbook collection, directories for links to filk albums, a directory of other filkers, and some miscellanous essays and other material.

Susan Stepney's filk index: another collection of songs, and various filk-related links. Part of a general science fiction section of the webmistress's site, which also includes book reviews, fun facts, a blog, an unrelated music page, and an all purpose disclaimer.

Xenofilkia: a filk zine, still coming out monthly as of 2020.

Chimera Chords: a member of the Filker's Bardic Ring back when still worked. Boasts a small songbook and partial recordings of melodies for several songs. (Fair warning for eyestrainy color scheme though -- hyperlink blue and lime green on saturated purple was all the rage, it seems.)

The Filker With No Nickname: wayback machine archive of Mark A. Mandel's filk site and songbook.

As Inclination Leads Me: filk section of the blog As Inclination Leads Me, with personal anecdotes and some fun lyrics.

Seanan McGuire: Songbook: full filk songbook of prolific fantasy author and filker Seanan Mcguire, as part of her personal site.

Filk resources on the Internet: old and full of broken links, but those unbroken lead to many more treasures! Keshlam's site has some other lyrics and neat resources as well.

Misc. Personal Sites

lulu in cyberspace Within My World Ashido

tevis thompson: personal website of game critic with some interesting essays and other writing, especially about The Legend of Zelda.

Neil Cicierega's Homepage: (exactly what it sounds like) very old website of Vixy and Tony back when they were still Escape Key, with links to a number of their old sites, projects, filk, etc.

Entropy House: an old site with cosplay tutorials, essays, fanfiction, poetry, and shenanigans, mostly Lord of the Rings related.

billwurtz: Bill Wurtz's personal site, with downloadable mirrors of his music and videos, some instrumentals and lyrics, a microblog, a massive questions page/AMA, and loads of interesting bits and bobs.

Muffiny Miscellany: the site of Dizzy P. Slightly Voided. Has a blog, Touhou comics, fanfiction, art, games, and other stuff.

Seanan McGuire: website of prolific urban fantasy author Seanan McGuire. Has a bunch of short story extras for the October Daye and Incryptid series, a cryptid field guide, the entire original first volume of Velveteen Vs. The Junior Super Patriots, a blog, several silly and serious FAQs, and her extensive personal filk songbook.

Brad's Stuff (BGReco): site with a bunch of interesting utilities, plus some fandom related stuff, including a few Homestuck-related pages.

Small Web and Alternative Protocols

Marginalia Search: a search engine prioritizing small-web, text-heavy websites and lots of serendipitious wandering. a proxy for viewing pages using the gopher and gemini protocols, for those of us who are curious but not quite invested or tech-savvy enough for a dedicated browser.

Tildes, Collectives, and Other Small Hosts free hosting for small, personal sites. a bunch of tiny sites hosted on a shared Unix computer.

tildeverse: a whole collection of various modern tildespaces!

Tentacle.Net: a free (but seemingly closed/invite-only) host with a few dozen users and sites.

Forums, Boards, and other Communities a tiny experimental social network, similar in style and hosting setup to The owner seems to be looking for funding, so it may not be long for this world... but it's cool while it lasts.

Midnight Pub: a small internet message-board available over web and gemini protocols. Limited to logged-in users only, with accounts given by request.

Smol Pub: a bare-bones microblogging service by the same creator as Midnight Pub and Nightfall City, also available over web and gemini.

memetides: a playful, friendly, and shitposting-heavy "forum for forum's sake". As the welcome post puts it, "If for some reason you ended up here and aren’t familiar with the Instagram, memetides is a leftist shitposting aggregator meme account. Let this inform your experience here. <3"

SereneDistraction: a "casual creative arts community" that allows guest/non-user participation. another very shitposty smallweb forum.

Bus Stop: a small, ephemeral imageboard where all posts disappear after 24 hours.

Postbox Garden: another small imageboard, this one very slow-moving. All posts must be in the form of uploaded pictures of postcards.

Tabletop Roleplaying Games

24 Hour RPG: an old TTRPG gamejam from the early 2000s.

Penguin King Games: prokopetz from tumblr's Proper RPG Website. Has resources for some paid material, plus links an with several fun free/Pay What You Want games.

200 Word RPG Challenge: an annual contest to create tiny tabletop RPGs in 200 words or less. Has PDF collections of all previous years' entrants, and a few fancy PDFs of some challenge winners.


JAUP The Let's Play Archive

SONG FIGHT!: a website that hosts regular songwriting competitions, almost like the musical version of game jams. Lots of cool music to listen to.

Solar System Scope: a really cool view-the-solar-system tool running in browser. Also shows a bunch of stars and other sky objects, and you get to grab stuff and spin it to your heart's content.

The Lyttle Lytton Contest: an annual writing contest for "the world’s most atrocious first line to a novel". Has a hilarious collection of past entries and winners from 20+ years of running.

Glorious Trainwrecks: a site for making video games that are total hot messes. Hosts a collection of user-submitted games, a forum, and periodical game jams.

The Eye: a huge open directory with a broad range of interesting content. Used to have more, but lost a lot of material in its last downtime and hasn't yet recovered.

Zombie Rights Campaign: a website fighting for the rights of the shambling undead.

Acme Klein Bottle: have you ever wanted to own a fourth-dimensional bottle with only one surface? Are you a huge math nerd? Order your own real glass klein bottle today! (Also featured: some really fun resources and links for math nerds, and an entire page of hilarious klein bottle poems and jokes.)

Iceberg Charts: a website tool for making iceberg charts.

X Clacks Overhead: a site dedicated to the X-Clacks Overhead HTTP header, a technical easter egg made in memory of Sir Terry Pratchett. Includes a list of known sites using the header, though one may follow the links at one's own risk.


Webcomics I enjoy!

Cucumber Quest Sleepless Domain
Paranatural Girl Genius
Homestuck Homestuck Awkward Zombie


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null webring

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