>Inspect ramen.

Ramen? What ramen? You are quite certain there never has been, and never will be, any RAMEN here. The very notion strikes you as downright absurd.

Testing out some basic JavaScript for a style changer again. Much thanks to this example on GeeksForGeeks for how to make a selection dropdown box, and this tutorial on TheSiteWizard for using cookies!

this page uses cookies

It leaves one (1) cookie for a two-week lifespan, which is used to remember your choice of skin from the dropdown so it defaults to that on all applicable pages. That is all it does. It's very simple! :)

After all this will be a bunch of stuff to test the general stylesheet and make sure everything looks okay.

Latest Updates

September 19, 2022

  • *stares into the abyss once more* 500,000 hits... what the entire fuck... (but seriously thank you guys!! Wow. That is. A lot.)
  • Standardized the changelog page formatting to use headings instead of bolded paragraphs. And also to include commas in dates, lol.
  • Made the Busy Generic stylesheet more mobile- and small-screen-friendly.

September 17, 2022

  • Added a bunch of links to the Links page, and reorganized as well. There are categories now! :D

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A home for code and programming projects. Currently only houses one thing, but might be more populated in the future.

(If you're looking for games, try checking out the interactive fiction section instead.)

CSS Test Pages

A whole bunch of CSS stylesheets I made for fun, with template HTML pages. Free to use for your own sites or as a base, though preferably with credit.

CSS Test Pages

Demo/test pages of various stylesheets I made. Quality may vary. Now in reverse chronological order for convenience!

All styles are tested in Firefox, so if you have issues in other common browsers like Chrome, please feel free to let me know, and I'll see what I can do.

Please keep in mind these stylesheets are provided as-is, and I may update or edit them at any time. I make no guarantees of functionality or upkeep. What you see is generally what you get.

Current Templates

Feel free to use this code as a base for your own stuff. Credit is very much appreciated! ^u^

Choose Your Own Adventure: HTML CYOA

This style is mobile friendly!

preview image preview image

Demo | Code

A stylesheet designed for simple Choose Your Own Adventure games, written entirely in standard CSS and HTML.


This style is mobile friendly!

preview image preview image

Live Preview | Code

A slightly fancier style based on some fanlistings, shrines, and old web sites I've seen around, with a slightly greater range of fonts and detail -- custom styling is used for headings 1-3, blockquotes, italics, and bold, in addition to the usual styling of links.