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Tests of various stylesheets I made. Quality may vary. Now in reverse chronological order for convenience!

If you use any, keep in mind: these stylesheets are provided as-is, and I may update or edit them at any time. I make no guarantees of functionality or upkeep. What you see is generally what you get.

Current Templates | Old Styles & Generic Stuff

Current Templates

Feel free to use this code as a base for your own stuff. Credit is very much appreciated! ^u^

Choose Your Own Adventure: HTML CYOA

This style is (tentatively) mobile-friendly!

Demo | Code

A stylesheet designed for simple Choose Your Own Adventure games, written entirely in standard CSS and HTML.


This style is (tentatively) mobile-friendly!

Preview | Code

A slightly fancier style based on some fanlistings, shrines, and old web sites I've seen around, with a slightly greater range of fonts and detail -- custom styling is used for headings 1-3, blockquotes, italics, and bold, in addition to the usual styling of links.

Busy Generic

Base Preview | Base Code
Skin #1: "See Through Blue" | Skin Code
Skin #2: "Chalkboard" | Skin Code
Skin #3: "Almost Deviant" | Skin Code

A layout with a title, navbar links, sidebar, corner/sidebar image, optional single-column or two-column main content section, and footer. Not currently mobile friendly, but the possibility is in the works.

Rather than code the whole thing with one look, I've made a (rather ugly) base, and then several example skins. To use a skin, you'll need both the base code and the skin code, and to include both (first the base, then the skin) on the pages that use it.

Three Column 2.0

This code is mobile friendly!

Base Preview | Base Code
Skin #1: "I don't have a name just bear with me" | Skin Code
Skin #1.2: Darkmode Variant* | Skin Code
Skin #2: "Cool Blue" | Skin Code
Skin #3: "Yuletide" | Skin Code

A layout with boxes of content in columns and a solid footer at the bottom of the page. Potentially good for a blog or similar arrangement.

This style is intended for heavy customization, so rather than code the whole thing with one look, I've made a (rather ugly) base, and then several example skins. To use a skin, you'll need both the base code and the skin code, and to include both (first the base, then the skin) on the pages that use it.

*Not a full skin, but piggybacks onto Skin 1 the way the other skins do with the base code.

Webcomic CSS

This code is (mostly) mobile friendly!

Demo | Code

A style designed for webcomics, meant to be useable even on a static site like Neocities with minimal extra work to update. Meant to be reminiscent of Hiveworks layouts, with a header, pagination, author commentary space, sidebar with links, description, and room for widgets. Includes instructions. Hopefully useful.

It's meant to be mobile friendly, but it's been a little janky. Still working out the bugs.

Fake WP 2

Preview | Code
Skin #1: "Full Width And Fancier" | Skin Code
Skin #1: "Small, Pink, And Cutesy" | Skin Code

Roughly what it says on the tin. It's basically a blog style. Three-column layout with a main section and two sidebars, plus a top header with links, and header and footer images.

This stylesheet was recently revamped. If you want the old version with the <hr> tag dividers, the code is here, and the demo page is here.


Preview | Code

Loosely based off of a tumblr layout I saw ages ago and thought was cool. Has message-box style boxes with subject line and 'X' in corners, a fixed sidebar made of way too many random little boxes, circular profile pics, and an optional big quote side section taking up half the page.

Transparent Glow

This code is mobile friendly!

Preview | Code

Centered layout with image background, transparent boxes with a "glow" effect, and a designated space for links under the header section.

Solid Shadow

This code is mobile friendly!

Preview | Code

Has a sidebar with space for a few short links, and a fixed header similar to Sticky Header. Boxes have a solid semi-transparent shadow.

Dark Header

This code is mobile friendly!

Preview | Code

Originally a variant on the Animesque stylesheet, with similar layout, but the header text is overlaid onto the header image along with a dark transparent overlay, and a links section.

This code is mobile friendly!

Preview | Code

Very simple style with a fixed header at the top that stays put when scrolling.

Tall Sidebar With Image

Preview | Code

Image background, full-height sidebar, and styling for nice buttons. Eventually became the base for the current version of the Jade Pages code.


Preview #1 | Preview #2 | Code

Based loosely on some old anime fansite layout or another I dimly remembered and tried to recreate. Good down to 800x600, has a header image and title + optional link buttons, and a nice little footer at the bottom of a page.


This code is mobile friendly!

Preview | Code

Simple code for a very tiny, plain centered box. There are two variant box styles for boxes that stay small and scroll, and boxes that don't. Header text has extra letter-spacing for aesthetic. Tempted to put this in the "generic" section tbh.

Old Site Style, Version 3: "questerpest beta"

Preview | Code

An older version of my 2021-22 site style. Not great, but not totally awful either, I think. Semi-decent looking window boxes, a button sidebar, y'know.

Jade 2.0

Preview | Code

An improvement over Jade 1.0, if still a bit sketchy. Has a full-height sidebar, nicer buttons in two columns (badly coded because I didn't know the columns option existed), code for a character profile with a picture and infobox, very rudimentary fanfiction listing code (colored text for ratings!), and technically little floating labels for divs? (I never used those, lol.)

Fair warning, the sidebar resizes really weirdly sometimes, and the button columns are way overcomplicated. I revamped it for a reason.

Jade 1.0

Preview | Code

The first style used for the Jade Pages. Single column. Some floating buttons. Honestly, I don't recommend this one.

Old Styles & Generic Stuff

Older stylesheets, mostly generic and of lower quality, which I removed from the main listings because they didn't feel worth including. Listed in chronological order. Some of them are really just here for posterity.

Do whatever you want with these; no credit needed.

Soft Pink (code)
Just some simple boxes with percentage-based margins and fixed-width text (for some reason.)

Hamsteak (code)
Literally just a grey box and monospace font. Ugly.

Wooden (code)
Brown boxes, fixed tiled background. Why.

Soft Blue (code)
The pink one, but blue.

Webcomic CSS 1.0 (code)
Older, crappier version of the Webcomic CSS above.

Scroll Central (code)
A central box that scrolls. Uses a google font embed.

Sidebars and Scrollboxes (code)
Scrolling box and scrolling sidebar. Uses a google font embed.

Sweet (code)
Some slightly nicer looking single-column boxes with fancier borders, and a fullsize image background.

Another Sidebar (code)
Baby's first proper floating sidebar. Has support for preventing image overflow, too.

Old Site Style Version 1: "Powder Blue Sun": My first real site CSS from 2019. More complex than the others here, but honestly, 2/10, would not recommend. Past me couldn't even center a div, and it showed.

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