• Blue Sun Background Tiles (on the old CSS): From here
  • The current background on the default CSS is an edit of a background from Pesterquest. The original image was drawn by the legendary Xamag!
  • Pink Cat Background Tiles: Cairovercoat and Cinnamonbird, plus some custom editing in MS Paint.
  • Green Sburb/Sgrub tiles: also Cairovercoat!
  • The Wood Tile Background is from here.
  • The Neocities button is from Neocities, obviously. I forgot where I found the one used on the pink CSS test page, but might have been another site here.
  • The "under construction" gif on many pages was found via A.N. Lucas's lounge.
  • The comic pages 0 and 2 are from XKCD and MS Paint Adventures, respectively. I just used them as example images.
  • The pixel art cherry tree, fish pond (both), and city backgrounds on various test pages are all by the amazing 1041uuu!
  • The background image of the Alternian page is from Hiveswap Friendsim, and was obtained from Eldritchdraak's Hiveswap Asset Rips.
  • All pictures and videos on the 'cute' page link back to their sources unless otherwise specified.
  • The header image for the Golden Sun page was made using this image from the wiki.
  • Jade Harley stuff is mostly credited on the pages.
  • The background of Tall Sidebar Test is from the Pesterquest backgrounds from Jade's route.
  • The current background of the actual Jade Pages CSS (both old and new) is a custom edit of cairovercoat's godtier space background.


  • I wrote the code for this site myself, but made heavy use of W3 CSS's guides and tutorials. They're super useful, and you're new to this, you should check it out! :D
  • This stackexchange thread for information and code for text-shadow. Don't remember if I actually used it or not, but it's probably worth linking.
  • The table of contents on my page for Alternian uses CSS list code from this stackexchange thread. (I used the second answer's code.)


  • A couple pages here use fonts from Google Fonts:
  • The Alternian Script font comes from Hiveswap, and the font itself was put together by the amazing OrangeyPeels on Deviantart!
  • The "Friendsim" font (Berlin Sans FB) was found via Eldritchdraaks, and downloaded from AZFonts


  • HTML Color Codes was really useful for finding colors for this site.
  • Some of the other color palettes used here were made from various pretty images using's color palette generator. It's really cool!
  • The placeholder text on most pages is from Neocities.
  • I used this site for the Lorem Ipsum text, both with the original couple paragraphs and a gibberish generator! It's pretty cool.
  • A few pages use text from the first chapter Lewis Carrol's "Alice in Wonderland" as sample text.
  • One of the CSS sample pages uses two lines from Owl City's "Fireflies", for some reason? Why did I do that. I don't know.
  • The style and format of fanfiction in the Jade Pages CSS 3.0 is heavily based on (and basically uses the rating system of) Archive Of Our Own, a large and popular fanfiction archive.
  • The two alternate Alternian fonts were made using a font-making site called Calligraphr.
  • This is just a cool site, and might be useful for you.

Other stuff not listed here is probably mine! :)