Filk and Music

A collection of aimless lyrics, both original and fannish. This is honestly one of the worse sections of the site.


03-23-2022untitled quirrel filkSet to the tune and structure of Talis Kimberly's 'Still Catch The Tide', but parody seems the wrong word for a sad song.
03-17-2022HumanOr, "come closer, I am a normal human", the song. Loosely inspired by an unholy mixture of Lemon Demon, Among Us, and Lobotomy Corporation.
03-13-2022PuppeteerDeltarune's puppet motifs and the Weird Route left their mark, let's say.
06-12-2019Sunlit FuryOr, "Angels Hath No Fury". A Kanaya song. Sort of a sequel/successor to an older song from 2016.
2016The Midnight MeteorAnother old Homestuck song, way back from FFN. Written while reading A6I1.
2016The Old ClocksBecause 'Make Her Pay' kept dragging me back into songwriting.

Original and Spinoffs: