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Neocities Sites

Fun and interesting sites I've found on Neocities.

Shoujo Dreams Anime Sacred Realm REVIVAL Angel99
Nostalgia For the 2000's
Lots of animanga-related content and miscellanous goodies. Gives site awards and has a trading card.
MCR fanstuff and an art gallery.
Used to be a blog. Underwent several revisions. Currently back again!
Cute pixel art and aesthetic.

Shishka Voov cyber rot gatosalchicha
Districts Openbooks Dannarchy Nuthead's Null Webring
Anilinks Land of Space and Rainbows Rivendell (Imladris) Aegi's Cafe
ocean-waves beanbottles haddock 🐟 omoulo
Like Home linkyblog ultraviolet (sodium-amytal) TEMPLATERR
LHFM (Literally Hifumi) Temptation Stairway Cyuucat Runaway to the Stars
MARS ORGANS Raylin Shire laika's lonely planet the tower

Other Websites

Neat sites from elsewhere on the web.

The Adepts of Weyard JAUP lulu in cyberspace The Lost Waters (very old Golden Sun fansite)
FOOL LOVERS w3schools Within My World midcatwmn (wayback machine archive)
Farrago Fiction The Let's Play Archive MSPFA North Castle
Wings Collective ZerudaORG Pirates Board Spriteclad

Repth: a neocities site with lots of really nice premade layouts ("themes" link.)

Marginalia Search: a search engine prioritizing small-web, text-heavy websites and lots of serendipitious wandering.

tevis thompson: personal website of game critic with some interesting essays and other writing, especially about The Legend of Zelda.

Neil Cicierega's Homepage: (exactly what it sounds like)

SONG FIGHT!: a website that hosts regular songwriting competitions, almost like the musical version of game jams. Lots of cool music to listen to. a bunch of tiny sites hosted on a shared Unix computer.

tildeverse: if you loved the idea of, you're gonna have fun with this one. A whole collection of tildespaces! a tiny experimental social network, similar in style and hosting setup to The owner seems to be looking for funding, so it may not be long for this world... but it's cool while it lasts.

MOTHER 3 / Earthbound Fan Translation: a cool project offering an unofficial English translation for ROMs of Mother 3 / Earthbound. a proxy for viewing pages using the gopher and gemini protocols, for those of us who are curious but not quite invested or tech-savvy enough for a dedicated browser.

MSPA Forums Thread Index: a huge index of wayback machine archived threads from the now-defunct official MSPA Forums. Includes multiple fanventures, a fanmade Pesterchum program, and Toby Fox dropping the infamous album The Baby Is You. (Yes, it was hilarious. Yes, he did get banned.) If an archived thread link doesn't work, try appending a dash and the thread name after the string of numbers in the URL. (E.g., "" ==> "")

Hallowspeak: site of a (WIP) Hollow Knight conlang, based on the gibberish voicelines from the game itself. No publicly viewable vocab or grammar or anything, but a pronunciation guide and blog updates (including some tantalizing details...), and links to the project discord for more info.

Golden Sun Realm and Golden Sun Syndicate: two neat Golden Sun fansites with lots of good reference material. Golden Sun Realm used to have an eFiction fanfic archive, but that seems to have vanished sometime circa 2018. If it had a forum (I think it did?), that's gone too. At least Syndicate's forums are still archived, if only in read-only mode.

Brass Lantern: an old website about (text) adventure games! Lots of cool links, articles, and reviews. Last updated 2010, though. :(

Textfire: a collection of several old adventure game/IF-related websites, rehosted on (a Linux-based shared host for several IF-related sites.) Some internal links are broken, but it's still a really neat window into the circa 2000s IF community.

AllThingsJacq: website of another cool IF creator, including reviews and transcripts from community playthroughs of old competition games.

Vixy And Tony: website of a filk band from Seattle with multiple recorded albums. (I have one. :) )


Webcomics I enjoy!

Cucumber Quest Sleepless Domain
Paranatural Girl Genius
Homestuck Homestuck Awkward Zombie

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