Welcome to eggramen! I have no idea who else uses this name, but I'm probably not them. Expect nonsense, amateur CSS, weird fandom stuff (mainly Homestuck), and maybe (maybe) even some art and writing in the future.

Most content can be found via the sidebar links, so go ahead and look around. Have fun!

If you've visited this site before, you may have noticed this is a completely different layout than this site had in the spring and winter of 2019. That's because I decided to redo it!

The old layout wasn't that great. The lack of sidebar made navigation tricky (back buttons EVERYWHERE), and the CSS got increasingly overcomplicated. Since I'd already put the message-box from my 404 and landing pages on my link button, it just made sense for the new design.

Anyway, that's enough of that. I hope you enjoy the site. Thank you all so, so much for over 10,000 views as of May 24th, 2019! 8D

the ramen is a lie