Welcome to EGGRAMEN II: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO! (Est. July 2021)

This is a (heavily modified) copy of the main page of the website, but using a totally different CSS style and layout, because recursion is fun. Depending on how much time I have on my hands, I may endeavor to recreate the entirety of this site in this form, within this subsite, because I apparently had no better ideas for what to do with my weekend(s).

As with the standard form of the site, the links above mostly lead to different subsections of the site. However, I don't have plans to really maintain?? Those pages?? So this will probably end up like a sort of time capsule, unlocked away in a dumb little digital box..

Anyway. Explore, keep an eye out for secrets, and have fun!

Thank you all so, so much for over 150,000 views as of June 2021! Does it count as views if this subsite began existing yesterday and serves no purpose but my own absurd entertainment? Possibly. Will I put this on every layer of recursion with increasingly meta commentary? Almost certainly.