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Welcome to EGGRAMEN RCWAK! I go by many names, but this is the one I'm using here.

This site is a little junkyard home for my fanworks on the 'net, because I could always use a spare place to be (and I should probably not have 2+ Neocities sites.)

When the big site revamp kicks in, I plan to migrate all the fanworks and whatnot from my other site onto here, so I can host them all in one place. Maybe in a couple years, I'll even have a proper webhost or something! (No offence, Neocities.)

Updates from EGGRAMEN


Trying out a new way of filling up some space on the main home page so it looks less weird once I have a big, long sidebar.

In other brand-new news, there may be another site revamp in the works! This long-ass sidebar will take some time to implement, but it may very well be worth it. I went, what, two whole years without redesigning? And it still looks like the same base style, just slightly adjusted. Mostly the same code, even.

That's gotta be a record for some webmasters, right? I could have totally gone crazy and revamped the whole color scheme. Admire my restraint!

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Mirrors: AO3, FFN

Fandom: A mystery!

Tags: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Summaries are for suckers or something.

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the ramen is a lie

And a quick test of the messagebox style as well.

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