EGGRAMEN - Home (Compatibility Test)


Welcome to eggramen! I have no idea who else uses this name, but I'm probably not them. Expect nonsense, amateur CSS, weird fandom stuff (mainly Homestuck), and maybe (maybe) even some art and writing in the future.

Most content can be found via the links above, so go ahead and check it out. Explore, keep an eye out for secrets, and have fun!

If you've visited this site before, you may have noticed this is a different layout than this site had for most of 2019. I've recently overhauled the CSS yet again in Winter 2021, because I wanted something that could be mobile friendly, and the old CSS was getting messy and in need of streamlining again.

(Well, no, actually, it wasn't too bad. But I liked links in the header than didnt have the block/wrapping issues like before, and the slightly simpler setup of not dealing with a sidebar.)

I don't know if I'll ever use this, but it's here waiting to go if I want, I guess. No other content should change, though.

Anyway, that's enough of that. I hope you enjoy the site!

WARNING: This website uses crappy amateur CSS, and the mobile CSS is a WIP. If something looks funny, let me know!

the ramen is a lie