Jade Harley :: Profile
Jade wearing her Iron Lass suit.

Name: Jade Harley

Titles and Other Aliases: GG, gardenGnostic, She who would thaw solid flesh and resolve it into a dew, the Witch of Space, Farmstink Buttlass

Date of "Birth": December 1st 1995

Land: Land of Frost and Frogs (LOFAF)

Dream Moon: Prospit

Status: Dogtier, alive and well on Earth C as of March 2019. (Noncanon: status unclear as of April 23, 2019.)

Hello and welcome to the Jade Pages!

The plan is to make a little Jade Harley character-shrine/fanpage here, like ones that used to be popular with older fandoms, but there's not much here, yet. :)

Basically I just love Jade a lot and think she's really cool. <3

This entire section of the site is under construction, and most of the content doesn't exist yet, so that's fun. Here's some mostly useless links.

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