(treating ʃ = dʒ allophone (free variation?), based on Zelda's delivery in the two diff. versions)
first /u/ in ʃundu is also sometimes ʊ - might be word or might be phonology

ne da'ʃɛvu nobɛ ʃʊ'ndu
dje ʃu'tu kɛ'wɛnu saɾɛ'
ne da'ʃɛvu nobɛ ɾo'ʃa
dje ʃu'tu no'bɛte saɾetʃe

Oh youth, guided by the servant of the goddess, unite earth and sky, and bring light to the land. [this is the half zelda is heard singing]
Oh youth, show the two whirling sails the way to the Light Tower...and before you a path shall open, and a heavenly song you shall hear.

/ne daʃɛvu/ is clearly the /oh youth/ -- /ne/ is probably "oh"/"hey" (similar to how used in JP?), daʃɛvu = youth?? might be vocative, or /ne/ could be vocative
/nobe/ = possibly some form of show, guide (this is what the verses have in common)

Obviously way too much info to fit into these lyrics smoothly though (esp. with /dje ʃutu/ repeating twice despite little overlap in lyric meaning), but if we assume a non-literal translation/gloss it might work
definitely no articles. not nearly enough space.
"servant of the goddess" could plausible be a single morpheme if there's a distinct cultural word for it in-universe - or part of phrase could be embellishment

possible (bullshit) gloss?:

ne da'ʃɛvu nobɛ ʃʊn'du
VOC youth show servant-BY

dje ʃu'tu kewe nu sa ɾɛ
bring light, unite earth and sky

ne da'ʃɛvu nobe ɾo'ʃa
VOC youth show sails-PL

te ʃu'tu no'bɛ te sa ɾe tʃe
path light, reveal path and heaven song

another possible BS gloss:

ne da'ʃɛvu nobɛ ʃʊ'ndu
VOC youth guide divine-servant.NOM/ERG

dje ʃu'tu kɛ'wɛ.nu sa.ɾɛ'
bring light, unite earth and heavens

ne da'ʃɛvu nobɛ ɾo'ʃa
VOC youth show sail.DUAL

t.je ʃu'tu no'bɛ.te sa.ɾe.tʃe
path.LAT light, reveal path and heaven(ly) song


VOWELS: a i o e u ʊ
CONSONANTS: n t d ʃ~dʒ ʧ? s v b ɾ j m* w

*Not in Ballad, but consistently heard in Fi's voice lines, e.g. /maɾi madas/.

Other notes: neither the ballad nor any of Fi's lines have a distinguishable /p/ separate from /b/, so one could imagine Skyloftian not having a b/p distinction.