This isn't really a conlang but fuck it

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e q ɔ p a j g y i f x l w u o d b ɹ s t n ʌ m k h z ' ¿

(Quick reference for nonstandard capitals: ɔↄ, ʌɅ, əƏ, ɹʁ.) "ʁ" has to be put in <big></big> tags to look full-size though.

For bonus: invert word order. SVO --> OVS (in soviet lorule...), adjectives after nouns.

Loɹnlaeu sdaex hɔn' tyau¿

This is a simple sentence, translated into the Lorulean "language" cipher.
a sentence simple is this, "language" cipher Lorulean into translated.
E sautauɔa siwdla si tyis' <<leugnega>> ɔidyaɹ Loɹnlaeu iuto tɹeusletap.


Possible nonstandard pronunciation: ʌ as ʋ or u, so Ravio -> ʁaʌio -> /ɹaʋio/. (The lack of a native /v/ means a Lorulean accent would probably stumble on v's, too.)

Treating other names as hylicisations of Lorulean names, Hilda (rev: "yilpe") checks out, but Yuga ("hnge") could use modification. Luckily, it's pretty easy to add a vowel and get back Yeuga, which transcribes nicely back into Yuga.

newer version

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z ,
e q ɔ p a j g y i f x l w u o d b ɹ s t n ʌ m k h z

All words are rearranged by "lorule grammar" (OVS, adj after nouns), spelt backward, run through the alphabet cipher. Double vowels are broken up with apostrophes. Excessive consonants, when they occur, are broken with the same. Doubled consonants in beginnings of words may be truncated.

Lorule grammar: OVS, adjectives follow nouns, prepositions follow relevant phrases/nouns/etc.

Nice to meet you = you meet to is nice = uoy teem ot si ecin = noh ta'aw ot si aɔiu
My name is ... = ... is name mine = ... si eman enim = ... si aweu auiw
What is your name = name your is what = eman ruoy si tahw = aweu ɹnoh si teym? -> Aweu ɹnoh s'teym?
Very good = good very = doog yrev = po'og hɹaʌ
you're doing well = well doing are you = llew gniod era uoy = Llam guiop aɹe noh. --> Llam guiop aɹ'noh.
Doing good = good doing = po'og guiop.
Impressive = evisserpmi = Aʌissaɹdwi
Do you understand me right now? = now right me understand you? = thgir won em dnatsrednu uoy? = Mou tygiɹ aw puetsɹapun noh?
You speak Lorulean, then? = Lorulean speak you, then? = Naelurol kaeps uoy, neht? = Uealnɹol xeads noh, uayt? (alternately, preserving "lorule": (So) Ueloɹula xeads noh, uayt?)

lorule = alnɹol

"So say I, Hilda of Lorule" = So say I, Lorule of Hilda = Os yas I, Lorule fo Hilda = Os hes I, Lorule jo Hilda

lolia = ailol = eilol

"Hello, I am Princess Hilda, and I have failed you in every way." = hello, Hilda Princess am I, and you way every in failed have I = Olleh, Hilda Ssecnirp ma I, dna uoy yaw yreve ni deliaf evah I = Ollay, Hilda Ssaɔuiɹd we I, pue noh hew hɹaʌa ui paliej aʌey I. (or "Ollay, Hilda Saɔuiɹd we I, pue noh hem hɹaʌa ui paliej aʌey I.")