This isn't really a conlang but fuck it

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z , ?
e q ɔ p a j g y i f x l w u o d b ɹ s t n ʌ m k h z ' ¿

(Quick reference for nonstandard capitals: ɔↄ, ʌɅ, əƏ, ɹʁ.) "ʁ" has to be put in <big></big> tags to look full-size though.

For bonus: invert word order. SVO --> OVS (in soviet lorule...), adjectives after nouns.

Loɹnlaeu sdaex hɔn' tyau¿

This is a simple sentence, translated into the Lorulean "language" cipher.
a sentence simple is this, "language" cipher Lorulean into translated.
E sautauɔa siwdla si tyis' <<leugnega>> ɔidyaɹ Loɹnlaeu iuto tɹeusletap.


Possible nonstandard pronunciation: ʌ as ʋ or u, so Ravio -> ʁaʌio -> /ɹaʋio/. (The lack of a native /v/ means a Lorulean accent would probably stumble on v's, too.)

Treating other names as hylicisations of Lorulean names, Hilda (rev: "yilpe") checks out, but Yuga ("hnge") could use modification. Luckily, it's pretty easy to add a vowel and get back Yeuga, which transcribes nicely back into Yuga.