ChiveGen: A Static Site Generator for Fanfiction Archives

The Archive Your Archive Could Smell Look Like

ChiveGen is intended to be highly customizable, with a number of command line options and lots of replacable templates, so you can make your archive look nearly however you like. (Technically you could even kludge it into a blog or something! But I would not recommend this.)

You can see the demo for the most recent version of ChiveGen (v0.2.4) here.

You Don't Even Need To Know (A Lot Of) HTML

No, really. If you know that <i></i> makes italics, <u></u> makes underline, and <b></b> makes bold, you're pretty much set! The Casual HTML option will put those pesky <p></p> tags on for you (or you can use an online converter if desired), and everything else is just templates.

It's Pretty Quick!

It's no Hugo, but the Demo archive you see above was fully generated in under a second! (Current average time for it was ~750ms.)

Written in Java (Coffee Not Included)

Compile it on your own computer, if you want. Actually, that will probably be the only way to use it. Sorry. On the upside, I could technically put it in txt files on this website if I was desperate? But I will probably just use Github.

Coming Someday to a Repository Near You

ChiveGen is intended to be free and open source when it's done, though I have not yet chosen a license (and until it's actually ready to release, that feels like putting the cart a feeew yards ahead of the horse, haha.)